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Brake accumulator removal

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It appears the accumulator will un- screw from its base flange. Is this the proper way to remove an accumulator, or do you have to get to the two lower flange bolts to remove?
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Harry make sure you de pressurize the unit by pumping the brakes 25 times before you remove it 2 torx head bolts going up through the base hold it in place..
I'm aware of the pressure issue, but my question maybe should be better explained. The base of the accumulator is an aluminum casting, held to the brake assy with two screws (that you can't see). But the can portion of the accumulator appears to thread (BIG threads) into the base casting.
Does the top portion (can) unscrew from the bottom (casting)?
These 'threads' are visible at the junction.
no Harry don't try to unscrew it from the top there are 2 bolts coming up through the bottom of the base thats where you inbolt it .if you have the replacement just look at the base you will see what i'm talking about
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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