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Well everyone. I bought the car. Picking it up Saturday.

Got a good look at it. It's from Texas, the underbody is new, not a spot of rust. Has a new exhaust, axle shafts.

Started up quickly cold, not a puff of smoke and no knocks. PS pump is whining. Let it idle for 20 minutes and checked for leaks, it's dry. The oil cooler hoses are all greasy looking but that's it.

Drove it, everything works but power antenna. It's loaded, auto headlamps with autodimmer, dimming rear mirror, cell phone option. The leather is good with normal cracking of the color coat. Drivers door seal is ripped.

So, I want to have the leather re-coated but I need to know the name of the color. It's very dark red, almost black cherry. I don't know the code yet, will get that Saturday. Oh and it's got the typical cracked drivers door armrest. I have to order a cover for it.

First order of business is oil change, coolant change. I plan on using a mix of castrol 20W50 and Syntec 5W50.

Does anyone have a list of the option codes?
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