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Hi Folks. Before I hang myself, can anypne please tell me where the dimmer switch is on my 83 deville? My repair manual hasn't arrived, and I can't turn off my high beams, so I can't drive at night. THANKS TO ANY AND ALL.
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Maybe on the floor under the parking break, to the left of the brake pedal. Should be a little round black push switch maybe 1" in diameter.
Turn signal stalk. Push it towards you. 90 degrees from left or right turn.
I appreciate the replies, but what I'm talking about is the switch that the turn signal arm activates when you pull it towards you. It is a single three-prong socket attached to a sheet metal bracket with what appears to be a small coil beside the socket. It doesn't mount in the column. It is something like the actual GM ignition switch that the column-mounted key operates by means of a linkage rod- the key switch is not the actual ignition switch in that case. I've taken half the dash apart and I can't find it. The switch is an $8 part readily available in parts stores. Thanks, guys- this is killing me.

It is mounted on the column. It is not easy to see because of the column to dash bracket. Here's a picture of an '83 CDV column that is on vacation in the attic. Sorry for the poor focus.


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Ape Man, I owes you a cigar (or a banana?) If I had known that this thing operates from a rod instead of a relay, I would have known where to look. Of course, if GM had used a bit longer rod, they could have put this thing in a halfway accessible place. Once again, I'd like to thank that engineer- with my hands around his throat.
Thank you very much.
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