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07 SRX V8 AWD Diamond White Sport Edition & 08 C6 LS3/418ci
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Recently installed a brand new set of 20" Chrome Boss 318 wheels on my wife's Cadillac SRX V8 AWD. The wheel rims are absolutely flawless and have had Toyo 255/50/20 series tires installed on each Boss 318 wheel rim.

Installation of the Toyo tires was performed on Hunter "touchless" mounting equipment and high speed balanced.

The wheel/rim/tire package has been professionally high speed balanced with chrome valve stems and were just recently removed from her SRX to install her winter OEM tire package.

This complete package has less than 500 miles on it and is flawless.

In addition; prior to having the wheel package installed, each wheel rim was Zoop Seal Treated. The cost of the Zoop Seal package was $150 and was applied by myself to each wheel rim personally.

Because these are gravity cast rims, the Zoop Seal acts as a "sealing agent" that seals the porosity of the rim alloy and is guaranteed for 2 years. It helps make the accumulation and cleaning of brake dust a thing of the past.

The wheel rims carry a lifetime structural warranty and 3 year guarantee on the 3 stage Hexavalent chrome plating which is gorgeous!

If anyone has any interest in this complete package; I would offer it for sale under the following terms:

Find your best price on the same package ( wheel rims, Toyo tires, mounting and balancing, shipping and insurance to your front door and the $150 Zoop Seal Kit )and I will professionally package up this complete wheel kit and offer it for sale for 25% off the best price you can find.

They are mounted, speed balanced and ready to go!

If your interested in the package; I may be contacted at:

[email protected]***********************
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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