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Bose noise cancellation feature

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On a 2019 XT4 Sport, Is there any way to verify that the Bose Noise Cancellation feature is working? According to the dealer, it is only working when the Bose radio is turned on and the sound is turned up. Seems to me that any radio sound masks background car noise if the volume is turned up. The dealer said that there were no fault codes for the sound system, so the feature is working. I suspect that the sound cancellation system is not working.
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Reminds me of the suit salesman trying to make a sale on a suit coat that was 10 times too big for the customer. The salesman pulls the back of the coat so it fits tight across the guys chest and tells him "Look it fits you great".
In this case he turns the radio up and says, You see, You can't hear any road noise.
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