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There is a bose nav unit for sale near me... Part number is 1504335. I think this will work with my 2003 EXT bose non nav system... Can anyone confirm if it is plug and play?

Lastly, if I buy this, I assume it will have the theft lock activated since it won't match the vin of my truck... How do you get around that?


Never mind its sold. Looked in great condition and was asking $250... Wish people would take down adds once something sells...

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When you find another unit try this

Install the radio like normal
Turn the key to acc
Let the radio come and display that it's locked
Pull the radio fuse(under good fuse block)for a minute
Reinstall the fuse and try out the radio
While testing it do NOT turn the key off or start the truck or it will show locked again

When ready to have the vin cleared just drive to a local gm dealer tell them that you want a vin relearn
If they don't want to do or say it's not possible tell them it is possible(offer lunch if they don't want to do it)
Good luck on finding you a nav radio they are nice and have great audio quality
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