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Hello everyone,
In my '93 Sixty Special sedan, it originally had a bose cassette deck with 6x9's in the rear and small (i think 3") speakers in the doors, and no dash speakers. I rewired the speakers as to not use the speaker amps (as one was causing a problem with the entire system and another was entirely dead; either the amp or the speaker, not sure which) and installed a new Pioneer cd deck. Does anyone know how many watts each of those ampfliers had or any of the other stats of these bose amps, or at least a direction I could take to help me complete my search so I can do the math for my old setup? And yes, after I rewired the system and used the old front speakers and did not have the same problem, I was positive that the right front amp must causing the problems. It was making a lot of noise and causing the music to stop at random, but its all good now. :p
Thanx for any knowledge of this subject anyone can give.
Jacob Hoppe
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