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Borla Exhaust Group Purchase!

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We're running a group purchase that covers all exhausts that Borla produces. If they make it, we sell it and it's included in the GP! Pricing is lower than we are allowed to advertise so you'll need to give us a call or e-mail [email protected] to receive a quote. Please include the part # that your interesting in if you e-mail. That will allow us to provide a quicker reply.

1401262004+ Cadillac CTS-V 5.7/6.0L 8cyl VIN S MT 6 Spd RWD

10 or more orders are required by Monday, June 18th for this to go through. Please read the "Fine Print" in the Group Purchase section of our website to understand how GPs work.

Have a good day!
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Today is the last day for this GP. There are 10+ orders in so this is a go!
Absolute worst exhaust system I have come across so far. Great build quailty, but an unbeliveable resonance problem.... Make sure you have a good return policy you will be using it........
You would have to PAY me to install a Borla exhaust system so I can reclaim the expense of removal by selling it to a re-cycle center....
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