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body mouldings

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does anyone know where i can find the body moldings for a 90 sedan deville. i dont know if im calling it the right thing but its the moldings that give the car the two tone look. i have a dark blue deville with gray moldings. im looking for a complete set for the doors and fenders.
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have you tried a junkyard?
although it may be tough to find a clean set....
According to the shop manual they're called "aero moldings", and they shouldn't be too hard to find, as there are a lot of these cars around. I've seen them on eBay, and you might try to find a salvage yard that specializes in Cadillacs. A and A Auto in Brentwood, CA (1-800-223-3971) for example might be worth a try.

Also, you might try posting on the Buy/Sell section of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club message board ( It's amazing what you can find there, and I don't think you have to join to post.

In any case, once you find them, you'll probably have to repaint them to get an exact match from panel to panel. Even when these cars were new it was not uncommon to find shading problems on adjoining panels.

Good luck!!
i was thinking about junk yards but i was looking for a full set. if i can find them for a cheap price i would pay. thanks all for the help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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