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First, let it be known that I have gleaned my body kit information from the owners of Wings West, Kaminari, an OEM car designer and my own personal experience.

I'm going to list the pro's and con's of each material, so that you can make a better judgement as to what material you should purchase.

Fiberglass - Pro: Cheapest to tool. Lighter than Polyurethane. Con: Prone to stress cracks. Paint chips very easliy. Summary: Most widely used because of cheaper tooling and manufacturing process.

Carbon Fiber - Pro: Stronger than fiberglass. Lighter than fibgerglass. Looks good unpainted. Con: Most expensive manufacturing process. Paint chips easily. Summary: Least widely used because of unique manufacturing process.

Polyurethane - Pro: Durable and flexible. Con: Paint prep process. Added weight. Summary: Used only on high volume parts due to it's high tooling cost.

The fit and finish is a matter of the design and the manufacturing process. There is no one material that is inheritly a better fit than the other. The benefit of a fiberglass piece, is that if you buy a part that doesn't fit correctly you can modify it to fit.
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