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Like the guy who's bobbing for apples........They all look the same!

I'm looking to get my wife a car.....Why not a caddy?

First of all, I know about older Caddy's

However I know nothing about the newer ones ( post 1990 )
I hate FWD cars, and I hate timing belts.
I want rear wheel drive and a timing chain!
no CV boots, no Struts, or any of that modern pain in the ass junk.

I'm old fashioned, sorry.

Were the hell does that leave me?
I though I was confused, hell I whent to my local caddy dealer to look at some of there used cars, ( mostly to test drive some ) and there service department can't even tell me if there is a chain or a belt in the northstar of the car I'm looking at!!!!!!
He says he thinks the older nothstar motors had timming chains but that the newer ones have belts????????
This guy is a Cadillac mechanic?
If he don't know who the hell does.

Don't the fleetwoods stay RWD until 96 or so?

Yeah here we go, mr stealth has a bad ass car:

SStealth has a 94 Ram Air Fleetwood Brougham Touring Sedan

that's what I'm talking about. did I read that right these have LT1 motors in them?

Oh yaeh then the other guy who has a picture of his burning the rear tires.

What should I look for?/ stay away from. Whats up with northstar any good?

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94-96 Fleetwood's ROCK! :) LT1. RWD. It's all you need. They are a great foundation to start from!!! :)

If you plan to do any modifications though, I would recommend a 95. They have the bigger side mirrors and are easier and less expensive to program because they are OBD-1. 96's are OBD-2.
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