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I have a few questions about my caddy. I'm a new owner and have run into a few difficulties in finding parts.
A. Lower universal joint (UJ) has gone and needs replacing. Will a 93/vecrta part fit or is it model specific.
B. The front grill bolts have sheared and I can not remove it, I intended to paint it black, any hints on how to do this, or where to source a new one.
C. Replacement badges as mine have faded.
D. I have 5 stud alloys, what other figments will fit my car. It's 2008 UK model. I have the standard 16 inch and wouldn't mind bigger.

Many thanks

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Hi and welcome to a very quiet corner of the Cadillac forum!

UJ - It should be the same part as a standard platform Saab 9-3 1.9. Don't start trying to source Vectra bits unless you absolutely are sure or know that the part is the same.

Grille might be an issue, there are a couple of BLS being broken on Ebay, could try there or have a completely brand new grille custom made. I recommend this company:

You would have to take the car to their premises though. I haven't had my front grille replaced by them, but I have had a custom made grille made for the air scoop beneath and they did an absolutely fantastic job.

Replacement badges, will be I suspect a huge problem to source and far too expensive for what they are. My front one doesn't look so great these days, but I aint spending a load of money to source a new badge!

5 stud alloys from Saab 9-3's and Vectras will fit so long as they have an offset of 41, very important that, don't start going outside of that offset, otherwise you'll likely have issues and need wobble bolts and stuff and it won't be good!. I have factory fitted 17 inch alloys on mine. Shame you didn't ask a couple of months back, there was someone selling a full pristine set on ebay for £150! Nearly bought them as spares for my own car lol!

Oh, here is a BLS someone wants shot of:

Mechanical parts in general, are easy to find for these cars, Fiat/GM engine, GM braking system lots of Saab 9-3 parts. Sadly, it's just body panels that end up being the issue for us.

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Instead of trying to replace the front grill because the bolts are damaged, can't you carefully drill out the bolts and just replace them? Getting a new grill will be difficult, and the emblem will still be faded on any second hand ones.

I think it would be easier to carefully repaint just the red bits on the badges rather than try to find a new one. Ebay and Google never seem to show any badges or wheel hub centres because the BLS is now such a relatively rare car. I don't know what colour of red would suite, it looks quite pinkish to me. Maybe there would be something on an American web site as Cadillacs are still popular there, albeit not the BLS.

Good luck, and also welcome to the forum.


Actually, a search on this very forum (other sections) shows the US also have problems with the red fading, and one member recommended using reflective tape from a cycle shop carefully cut to fit.

See the following post:
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