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Blower Motor Module - 89 Brougham

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So, just pulled my 89 Brougham out of winter storage and my heater/AC seems to be on the fritz. My mechanic tells me I need a new Blower Motor Resistor Module as it is going. The only problem is, this part doesn't seem to exist anymore. At least not through his connections. This is an issue for me as the car is basically mint and the A/C blows nice and cold. Can't imagine spending the summer without A/C. Can anyone tell me where I can get this part?
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i need that exact same part for the exact same car, and apparently the one for 1989 Brougham's was specific to 1989 according to the guy at the junkyard who looked it up on his database.

i currently have the control module out of a 1983 Deville installed in mine until i can find the correct part, which works decently well. the fan will randomly cut off completely, but at least more than half the time it will actually work. it also cant differentiate between different fan speeds and so the fan is either of or on full blast, though it can tell the difference between econ and A/C. i tried using the module out of a 1988 brougham and it didnt work at all. go figure.
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