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Blinker speeds

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Hey guys...

Currently on my 2005 CTS the left blinker speed is super fast and the right blinker speed is slower. Has anyone else experienced this or knows to to fix this issue?

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check that all your bulbs are working on the left, if one is burnt out you'll get rapid blinking.
Or take a bulb out on the right and make them bolth fast.... But most would probably agree with tommy.
i disabled my rapid blinking when i switched to led's, only problem is i don't know if a bulb is out untill someone tells me.
i just got the same problem, but my right blinker is fast and the left is normal. I just converted to hid's for my headlights, and now this is happening. I was thinking i might not have plugged the right blinker in all the way, but i could see if the bulb might be burnt like you said
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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