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2002 Eldordo ETC Collector's Edition with Aux Input
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So the blend door repair has been needed since last summer, Wife:"Why is hot air blowing in my face???", and the Aux Input has needed installation for over a year and one half, "I'll get around to it..." so on a sun shiny day this week I pulled out my FSM (1999, no changes) and removed the failed blend door motor. Not a bad job, worst part was figuring out what the FSM called everything, "It's not a jockey box? It's not a glove box?" Ordered the AC Delco replacement from Amazon and had it in two days. While waiting for the driver I pull the stereo/heater controls/ash tray because why not? Install the Aux Input, could it be any easier? Detail out the dash, glove box, kick panel, shifter, and sure enough UPS shows with my part. Installation is easy squeasy and I now have hot/hot or cold/cold, or any other combo I deserve.

About the Aux Input, in the huge gap in time my ipod had died, never to be recovered. But as soon as I find an appropriate input I am going to Aux it...

Call this a Cadillac Forum success story. I couldn't have done it without the rest on you!! Thank you.
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