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I'm looking to blackout my Crystal White 2017 XT5 to make it look something like this -

I have a couple questions that I'm hoping the enthusiasts here can help me with:

1. Do the black OEM wheel caps fit on all wheels, or only on certain models? I want to put this wheel cap on them -

2. Any experience with using trim "wraps" to blackout the chrome exterior trim? The place I am getting it done offers a 3 year warranty, which makes me think they are decently reliable in terms of holding up.

3. Is it possible to turn the front, rear, and side emblems into a chrome/silver look and still look good? What would be the most high quality method to paint the emblems into a silver/chrome finish?

4. I found a vendor selling OEM wheels that have had the black PVC Powder process applied to turn the original wheels black. Not sure if I can name vendor names here, but any experience/recommendations on making this kind of purchase?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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