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Blacked out CTS wheels.

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Has anyone painted the CTS "base model" wheels black or body color. I really dislike the silver painted wheels (would have preferred the chrome wheels) and am not sure I want aftermarkets. Looking for alternatives.
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i haven't seen any of the 17" wheels done in black yet. i know a member on here by the name of the Black Dahlia powdercoated his 18" wheels before he got the sevas wheels. good luck with the search!
check out the black chrome wheels from the thread on the CTS-V2 forum. They look awesome and were done by

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Before I bought my 3-Piecers I had mine Powdercoated Gloss Black. Enjoyed it!

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B Dahlia,
Your wheels look really nice here. Unfortuantely, I have the base model wheels which I hate. Don't ask me why I bought the base model. I have an Escalade and an ESV fully loaded with the 22's, both 08's and bought this all wheel drive CTS (base) on a whim. I miss the upgraded wheels, GPS NAV Touch Screen, the sunroof, fog lights and the back up camera all of which I have becoem way accustomed to. I'll have to dress this CTS up. My dad was a VP for the General many moons ago, but always said never to change out wheels on a new car vecasue doing so would void the warranty if anything mechanically failed relating to the wheels, suspension, etc. In saying this, can you post your new wheels?
Regarding the warranty dispute. Your pops technically is correct. BUT- it all depends on the dealer. More (up to date & socially conscious) Cadillac dealers will honor the warranty. Only major dispute being anything directly wheel related, of course.

here are some shots of my new wheels Sevas R7 forged:

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wow, the new rims look awesome. I really like them. Do you mind me asking how much for everything?

Re. the warranty...yes most dealers (including mine) are extremely good at turning a blind eye...although I had one dealer in Downingtown Pa who flatly refused to accomodate me unless ALL aftermarket equiptment was removed. Needless to say I found a new dealer. BTW,that same dealer would give Chevy Malibus as loaner car. NOT.

Back to the warranty...I'm more concerned with more catstrophic accidents that if it came up GM might point out the NON original equipment. I know thats extreme, but as an investigator I sometimes think "worst case scenrio" in life.

Anyway, can you elaborate on any other mods you've done? I really like your car.
in total i got a screamin deal on the wheels... $2400 or so for 3-piece staggered forged!!..the rubber ia a different story lol

a list of all my mods are in my signature below... :)
I have a quick question did you have to roll your fenders so your rear wheels would fit?
Is getting the rims powder coated black less expensive then new rims?
Since this thread has been resurected, anyone know which rocker panel add ons The Black Dahlia is using?
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Before I bought my 3-Piecers I had mine Powdercoated Gloss Black. Enjoyed it!

Would those rims fit on a 1st gen CTS? I would love to get that on my car :D. 5x115
You can always plasti dip the wheels. If you don't like it it peels right off.
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