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Black paint prone to scratches

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Anyone else think that their black Vsports are prone to getting scratches? I've had about 5 instances where my paint has been scratched. I've owned a handful of black german cars and have never had issues like this.

I'm cautious about where I park etc., as i've been with previous cars I've owned, but I am getting scratches here and there that need to be buffed out. I could chalk it up to being more unlucky in terms of scratches but my gut tells me the paint quality isn't as good as bmw and mbz. Seems to me that contact that would not leave a mark on my bmw or mbz, would leave a mark on my cadillac.
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Black Vsport here, no issues. I think the paint is quite durable, not even one chip on it so far. Get to buffing and move on.
Black Raven paint here. No scratches either. Had it 9 months so far
Mine isn't black, but I'm getting a few scratches in the clear coat that are too deep to simply polish out. I think that the clearcoat is on the soft side. I've read that these newer waterborne paint tend to be that way. I'm afraid of sanding the scratches out, so now I am looking into the paint pen that has clear coat in it to fill the scratch, and then sand that out and polish it back to a shine. I was wiping off the hood one day, and I believe my microfiber put a couple of deep swirl/scratch marks in the hood. And then I noticed that by the drivers mirror, there were some scratches in the door. I think that one was put on by either me or somebody with a belt while they were cleaning the windshield. And then a week ago I found two scratches on the left front fender. The prior weekend we had the oil changed at the dealership, so I'm thinking maybe the guy there was wearing a belt and scratch the fender. Who knows. But I'm definitely having a hard time with the scratches! I want this car to be absolutely flawless!
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I have not had any problems with my black paint. I have a good friend who details cars for a living and he worked on my car and said the paint was actually pretty good from the factory. I have an Infiniti and that paint was easily scratched, however my friend worked on it and it looks showroom perfect.
Black raven, no scratches so far, 1 year, plus i have the clear vinyl wrap on certain spots and have saved the paints from all these flying rocks on the freeway here in LA, so many construction, i'm so glad i got it.
^^You're real lucky. My Raven sedan would get scratched if a fly landed on it.
I have had the a Black Raven Vsport for 14 months now. Initially, I thought it was prone to scratches, but now believe that my perception was due to not having owned a black colored car in many years.
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