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Black paint on Nav button is peeling off

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The black paint on my Nav button is peeling off. It looks really ugly.

Has this happened to anyone else?

My car is about 1 year old now with about 12k miles.

I am taking it to the dealer on Monday.
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happened on mine too, the top right button. They had to replace the entire unit, and the new unit there is a pretty noticable gap now between 2 of the buttons where when the lights are on you can see some of the backlight showing thorugh the buttons. Even though its a small issue, a 40,000 car should not have any noticable gaps. I need to have it replaced again before warranty is up.
I was reading the CD to DVD navigation thread, and concern came over the peweter interior color faceplate and the black colored one from the 04+ and people said just swap the faceplates. So why wouldnt GM just swap faceplates instead of replacing entire nav units??
what will happen when our warranties are up?? will we start paying for the nav units then??
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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