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Black DTS Convention?

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Yesterday, I parked the SRX next to a black DTS in the handicapped area of a local restaurant we frequent. (Lil Chef in Brighton, MI) By the time I got my wife's wheelchair out and we got inside, our waitress had our drinks set up at our usual table, just inside the window from my front bumper. Yes, I like to keep an eye on our car when we go out to eat. However, this time I spent most of the time admiring the DTS. (It was an 09 premium luxury edition with the 17" chrome wheels with exposed lugs, tan pinstripes, and light linen interior with a bench seat. The wheel wells were still clean.) Then another black DTS parked in the lot. (non-perf edition, probably an 06 or 07) Then another black DTS made a couple passes through the lot, like they were looking to pick someone up.

As we left the restaurant, I mistakenly wheeled my wife's chair up next to the DTS instead of our SRX. Freudian mistake?
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CPO DTS or Lucerne CXS, depending on what I find when I start looking this winter.
My wife likes that color. My MKZ is red and I don't know if I want another red car for a while.
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