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That is outstanding! Super sharp. Making me almost regret getting the Satin Steel. Was that unit there for a 'test drive event' that Cadillac had been sponsoring? I did one here in Austin in mid December. I have to say seeing the Lyriq in person really did not disappoint. Driving it was no disappointment either. Had a Tesla Y Performance and was a bit worried about the acceleration being dull on the Lyriq but it was fine. The interior is as spectacular as you see in pics. I was surprised that no one at the dealership noticed the 2 'demo' cars were the same Satin Steel color but with different roof colors. The DE orders get the black roof while the new '23 and '24 models get same color roofs. The dang Cadillac rep hadn't known that either and took an hour to confirm with corporate. smh.

Anyone have a clue about delivery for '23 orders done on 5/18?
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