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My slave cylinder died its yearly death again, and I decided to do the billet bearing support for the new one.

Did a diy video and tried to go into some of the reasons its failed. Its year 4 of ownership, and slave number 4. Its the heat here in the middle east mostly that causes the failure.

Every time its a different derivative of the same basic problem. The plastic fails and the bearing falls off, the plastic melts and the bearing falls off, the plastic fails and the slave gets hot and melts the plastic, the seals get hot, leak, break down the plastic and the bearing fails etc. It all comes back to the plastic. If you are stock power levels and in a somewhat cooler climate its probably a non issue.

Hopefully this time the aluminum bearing support will take the heat and last longer.

Enjoy the show. Hopefully this will help someone in the future. I also included a picture of the bearing part number. You have to order it from skf or buy a new slave to get one. I'll be getting a spare and rebuilding the old slave in a future video.



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I did mine back in 2018; I think that was my 3rd replacement? I never posted the pics or a "how to" anywhere for whatever reason. So far (knock on wood) the setup has been surviving, so that's nice. :)
Popped the bearing off:

Then started to remove the metal lip, using zip ties to hold the bellows down. (You can kind of see that on the far side of the lip, it was bent down - came out of the GM box that way. While the lip was removed I flattened that back out.)

I used a big flat blade screwdriver from inside to gently tap the lip up and remove it.

With the lip off, I could then remove the stock bearing support (the black plastic piece). Next to it is the cool green billet piece. I don't remember where I got - I guess it must not have been Tick, since your Tick one isn't green.

Shiny green part in place, and the metal lip tapped back into place.

After that I stuck the bearing back on top and it was ready to go!
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