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Biggest Speakers I Can Fit In Doors?

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Now, I know I can't fit 6" speakers IN the door because of the power window motor. I'd have to have a custom box built and mounted on the door. I could have that done, reupholster the arm rest/speaker box in the same vinyl, etc...but that's a pain and I can't afford it now.

Anyone know if I could squeeze some 4x6" speakers in there? I found some bangin' Polks... =D
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That is a thought, some of the cars with higher end factory sound mounted the speaker through the door panel and put a nice factory color grill over it. Look at a 91 Bonneville with a high end sound, or a 91 Deville with factory sound. You will see what I mean. You might be able to use those parts to give it a factory look.
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