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Bigger rims Deville

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People here were nice enough to informing me that the rims size of a 2000 Deville is 16" I test drove a Deville a month ago and the ride was very soft, smooth and comfy.

My question.....
If I was to go up in rim size to 17" or maybe 18", how much of a difference do you guys think will be effected in the soft and smooth and comfy-ness of the ride.

Do you guys think it will be a drastic difference, or would it be noticable on if you really pay attention to the smoothness, etc??


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There will be a difference. I'd recommend going with the 235/55-17 tire size from the DTS - the increased stiffness will not be drastic and since the overall tire diameter is very close to the original tires you will not have to worry about recalibrating your computer for a different tire size. And you can get some nice factory 17" Cadillac wheels which look awesome...If you move up to 18's and beyond you will start to notice a harsh ride IMO.
You'll notice the difference with 18's, but the stock suspension will keep out most harshness. Even a 245/45/18 will ride pretty well, especially with certain types of tires. Personal experience.
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