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Hello Everyone,

I have been reading these forums, and I must say they are filled with some great information. I am getting ready to make my first Cadillac purchase and I had a few questions.

Is now a good time to buy, or should I wait about a month or so when the 08's start rolling out? I was thinking maybe some folks are waiting to trade there in for the new models. I am looking for a 04, with 40k-50k miles and then will get an extended warranty. Also, I did a car fax on a few trucks I liked, and some where "fleet owned" and other private party. Has anyone had any experiences with either to say what is better? I would think the fleet ones would be serviced (if they where company trucks) but who knows.

I am looking for the usual stuff with tranny noises,and front end noise, but will my mechanic be able to check to see if the front end was changed to synthetic oil or just change it once I make the purchase?

Any help is greatly apperciated, and again great forums!:thumbsup:

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