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arr0gant said:
Car and Driver compared the 13 best summer performance tires in the world.

Issue: December of 2005
BEST TIRE: Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3 ber=13
Yeah, maybe if your interested in things like comfort and value, sure. I don't hate the GS-D3 or car and Driver. But they clearly stated in their article that this was one test done with one car. Our Vs were designed with runflats. They were tuned with stiff sidewalls. It's a 3900lb car riding on only 245 width rubber. That's why the Falkens are the latest craze, because they actually have a resemblance to the F1 in grip and transient response. Unless you buy a race tire or RFT, you will not be able to match the stock F1s in those categories.

Arrogant, this has been hashed, hashed and rehashed. You made a point in the other thread that was already made by dozens here. We don't need anymore of this.

mlg, feel free to do a search on these topics.
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