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best price on rbf600?

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where do you guys get it? how much do you get i read the faq it said 3 pints if im changing it out. how much do you pay? how long should it take to change pads, rotors, and change fluid? thanks. if anyone is from miami let me know of a local store i can go by and pick it up. if not websites please. thanks guys.
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This is were I buy mine. They have a lot of cool stuff. I would recommend just browsing around their site.
thanks cool site lots of good stuff I'm a bit partial as their office/showroom/distribution center is up the road from me. But the guys there know their stuff.
Buy a few more pints for spares and swap out your clutch fluid while you are at it. 2-3 Hours on the fluid swap,rotors,pads
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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