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2013 ATS Premium 6MT Black/Black
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The 馃憫 is here! Invading your forearms! All of your poAst belongs to me! I have obtained commission of zee ATS 2.0T with a 6MT in Premium, black on the outside, black on the inside:




:LOL: Jokes aside, i managed to snag a 2013 example. It's not perfect has its scars on it, a few miles etc, but that doesn't bother me as i am V8 BMW battle tested in shit going wrong lol. This car will be my DD, it will likely pick up a few mods, but nothing will compromise its original purpose of DD-dom I was actually originally looking for one of these for my mom, but the more i looked at its setup and how accessible everything is, the cost or parts etc, the more i wanted one. To make a short story short she ended up buying a Volvo you can see in one of the background pics, so that left the door open for me to have fun with it as my own car. It wasn't easy finding one, I did not want black, i wanted the dark gray with the red interior that is just thee sex, but finding that color combo in premium and 6mt is...yea. At the time i bought this car which was just this past weekend only 2 ATS premium 6mts were for sale that i could find country wide. so here we are lol.

I wasn't planning on buying one of these but my car got taken out by a lovely young lady in a minivan that failed to look before she made a left at the light. My previous car was a 08 G37 coupe 6mt in blue slate:



Check out its short build thread and its untimely demise :cry:: Crusher103 starts a thread about some blue-ish G37 - MyG37

For those of you that know me YES i still have it, YES it runs lol.

Aside from that I am happy to be here and look forward to learning, meeting new people and contributing to the community! :)

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That's just a wonky autocorrect. At least the first time. But this qualifies as moar punny:


Any way, nice ride.
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