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I just replaced the original battery in my SRX with an EverStart Maxx H6 from Walmart. It comes with a 9 year warranty, 3 yr road assistance and free replacement. The original battery was 7 years old and starting was slowly getting harder (esp. remote starting). A couple of helpful hints to those who also need to do it:

1. Remove the negative terminal cable first, then the positive.
2. Loosen the battery retainer bolt and remove bolt and bracket from vehicle.
3. Move negative and positive cables out of the way. I stuck them under the bar that runs across the engine.
4. Lift and move the old battery to the right - you may need to wiggle it a bit.
5. Tilt the top of the battery forward and then wiggle the battery out of place.
6. Insert new battery exactly the way you took the old one out and you won't have a problem.
7. Install battery bracket and tighten.
8. Connect positive terminal cable first, then the negative.

9. Next, start the vehicle and let run for at least 10-15 minutes.
10. Reprogram the power windows in accordance with the manual.
11. Reprogram the tire monitoring pressure system in accordance with the manual.

All done!
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