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Battery Drained Overnight

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I left my interior lights on overnight and this morning the battery was dead and it would not start. The lights were still on dimly this morning when I noticed it. I thought the CTS has a power saving feature that would automatically cut power if the lights were left on? Is this a feature that needs to be manually turned on?
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tomm said:
"The power outlets can be set to be powered all of the time or to turn off 10 minutes after your vehicle is shut off. If you desire a change from this setting, see your dealer for a fuse adjustment. "
What the heck is a fuse adjustment? Why cant this be a simple little setting?

I read about this fuse setting in the cadillacfaq. In your fusebox (under the hood) is indeed a switch that you can set for this permanent or 10 min delay power off. It's practically in the middle of your fusebox.

And BTW, I left the radio on on purpose for about 1 hour. I couldn't start my car anymore, but the battery check light was still green. The starter must draw a lot of power if it's not able to start after 1 hour radio operation. Or the radio draws a lot! I have had other cars where I could leave the radio on for a whole day without problems... I guess the DIC screen makes the difference...
German batteries must not be a tough as American batteries.;)
Well, I bought my '03 used. So I don't know what the former owner did to the battery. When it dies a couple of times, the performance of the battery goes down too.
You think my Euro version has a different battery? I haven't checked yet...
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