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Battery Drained Overnight

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I left my interior lights on overnight and this morning the battery was dead and it would not start. The lights were still on dimly this morning when I noticed it. I thought the CTS has a power saving feature that would automatically cut power if the lights were left on? Is this a feature that needs to be manually turned on?
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PAW 47 said:
Well, if the slider was pushed foward past the detent. That would be the 'on' position. And the override would not work thus the lights being on.
Yes, This was my problem and as I am reading the booklet all the other lights and switches are protected except that one. If I had turned the map lights on separately they would have shut off. (STUPID)

Anyway, My cigarette lighter plugs are also constantly powered and they do not shut off as well. Reading through the manualy I found this:

"The power outlets can be set to be powered all of the time or to turn off 10 minutes after your vehicle is shut off. If you desire a change from this setting, see your dealer for a fuse adjustment. "

What the heck is a fuse adjustment? Why cant this be a simple little setting?


1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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