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Baterry Connections for amp

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I have a '90 Deville and the wires running to the battery are the ones that have the bolt go through the connection, and there is no room to put it a decent size amp wire besides just loosening the up and putting the wire between the two connections, is there anyway to put regular style connectors on it, because the positive has two connections and the negative only has one.
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I had the same problem you have two options you can make some custom battery post connectors or get a new battery with dual post. Autzone sells a great one I don't remeber the model number. But its 800 cold cranking and 1000 cranking. I couldn't post my battery connections as a example for you so the link to my cars site is below. I belive the bolt size you can use is3/8 . I use blank 3/8 thread. And nuts and custom cut it to fit and put a bolt between each connection for spacing and left the orginal post there.
You can buy replacement battery post bolts that have a screw in the end that you can use to attach your wire to, I used them on my camaro to wire up a set of fog lights, they worked great.
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