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I'm looking for some infomation. I'm thinking about adding 2 10" subs in my 95 STS. I was told by an installer that because the trunk is realy sealed on STS's that the bass will hardly come through out serious modification to the trunk. I think he is full of sh** but could use some input from other STS owners with systems.
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I would say he is correct. Straight from the factory the do what they can to minimize road noise. Ussually there is quite a bit of insulation on the floor of the trunk and also near the back panel or seat in the trunk also. They do have a think layer under the rear deck. All I did was cut a rectangle in the rear deck and then custome made a panel with some matching grille cloth. Helped with the bass and also helped with distortion of the rear speakers.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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