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Ballpark Pricing...?? Please!!!

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Hey guys.

Well, more than a month ago, I sold my DeVille. I didn't get a whole lot for it. But I didn't care at the time. So, a few weeks before hand, I bought my new daily driver. 2006 Cobalt SS. I wanted a nice, quick car that woudl be reliable, and have a WARRANTY. I hated replacing something on the DeVille every other day. It wouldn't matter if it wasn't my daily driver...but it was. Regardless, I now have my daily driver.

The next step to the story is my situation. I think it's reasonable. My dad said (I won't be 18 until June) that if I can have enough money to pay for my car every month (200), save up for the project cat (who knows how much), and cover the difference on insurance for the new car (won't be tooooo much), that I can get a project car. This way, whenever I get the car, it'll be an old one. Certainly way old enough to get Classic plates. And the mileage would only be for shows in the basic vacinity. So mileage won't matter. We don't have alot of space, so I'd store it at my grandpas garage over winter, then just rent one of those $15 a month or whatever storage garages for the summer.

So in my opinion, after the funds begin accumulating over winter, I don't see it as being a huge issue. But for insurance: If I insured, let's say, an '86 Brougham, and I got basic coverage, low mileage, and Classic plates, it would be pretty reasonable...right? It's an old car...not very fast, built like a tank, and hardly driven. It can't be too bad.

Lastly, not only related to Cadillacs, what would be a solid car to start a LONG TERM project with? I want to stray away from the whole Camaro or Mustang genre. I want to do something weird. Like a '70 Monte Carlo, a '77 Grand Prix, '84 Regal Limited, '86 Fleetwood Brougham, '88 Caprice Classic, etc. You get the idea. Insurance would probably be reasonable for any of these. however, I also want something where parts can be purchased easily or swapped (Fleetwood to Caprice), and something that can be purchased easily. My grandparents live in a neighborhood where there are ALOT of older folks. Im sure I can stumble upon a super clean fleetwood without much hastle.

So guys, please help me out with any info possible. I have engine, interior, and everthing like that, guys to help me out. I just need to find THE car. but I certainly need info about insurance and the like. THANKS!!!!!

:highfive: :thumbsup:
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Get a '79 Monte Carlo or get a one of those 88-90 Caprices...
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