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Ball Joints

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Can anybody help? I am looking for ball joints for my "99" Catera does anyone know where I can order them online?
Brother Bob
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Why do you think you need to replace the ball joint of your Cat?
I was told the ball joints where bad. When I bounce the front end there is a clunking noise, could this be the stabilizer link bar?
Check the Stabilizer link first, jack up the car and let the tires hang off the ground and then give the stabilizers a shake. It shouldn't shake if it's fine. If you're able to move it by hand then it needs replacement. The Cat's ball joints are basically indestructible so I would replace that the last. It could also be a bad control arm bushing. But check the stabilizers first.
Thanks for the info. I will check this out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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