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bad sound coming from... steering pump?

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When I put my 95 STS in gear (possibly not reverse) there is a crunching and popping sound coming from the passenger side. I took it to a mechanic today, who didn't know enough about the northstar to work on it, yet told me it didn't sound like a transmission sound, and I heard the transmission is on the other side altogether.One time, while a friend held the brake and put it in gear, I felt the power steering pump, or the reservoir that holds the fluid, and it was moving to the pops coming from around there. Many people have said it sounds like a bearing is loose somewhere, others have said it's loose in the tensioner, I would like to be able to fix it, or atleast diagnose it myself, the only close place that knows cadillacs, well.. they like to screw me a little too much. So any help, comments or opinions would be a great help.

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Have you checked the motor mounts? Dogbones?

Yep, the tranny is on the driver's side (mostly).

Check the serpentine belt tensioner. Mine made the same type of sound..was really pronounced in a drive through.
Thanks alot for the help, I have court for not having proof of insurance this morning, so once I get that taken care of, I'm going to check the tensioner,as I hope that's what it is, cheapest fix. So no one thinks it would be the power steering pump?

The power steering pump would make a whinning sound. If you turn the a/c off does it make the sound without stopping. Could be the a/c compressor clutch bearing wearing down to the point of it letting the pully go cooked and touch the clutch plate when the compressor is not engaged.
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