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2005 STS4 1SG: GM Acc Lights, Corsa, Platnium Grille, Volant
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Ok so my mom has a 96 Sedan Deville with about 110,000 on the clock. For awhile when you floor it and i mean floor it at high speeds the SERVICE EMISSIONS SYSTEM light comes on. Also if you leave her car ideling for about 2 minutes and hop into it and rev it (even if it has already been run for ahile before hand and the engine is all warmed up) The thing BELLOWS white smoke and i mean bellows it looks like she lit up the tires and is smoking them off. Could these problems be realated? I can get the SES light to go off if i put the car in park rev it a little to clear it out and then shut the car off open the door, close it and then restart it. I checked the codes and got some EGR valve code. Before i spend 150 bucks on an EGR id like your input.

P.S. excuse the double post i posted this in the Northstar froum too but i thought since it was a Deville you fellow Deville guys might be able to give me your input as well.
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