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Bad PCM?

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So I get into the car and try to start it today and I hear a clink and then everything shuts off, WTF?!? And all power is lost, just as if the battery itself was disconnected. So I Inpsect the battery terminals, fuses, connections and all is good. When I disconnect and then reconnect the battery, it once again has electricity so I try to start it and again the same problem, turn the key to on and I hear a clink and everything shuts off. Try to pull the codes and notice that I do not get any current PC codes of which I know I have a few, just as if communication was lost with the PCM only. Other codes are there. Does this mean I have to get a new PCM or is there something else going on here? Never hear of a PCM going bad on a car. Car was running fine yesterday. Thanks for your replies guys.
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I would suspect the battery or cables. What is the voltage reading? How old is the battery? Did you have it tested (including a load test)?
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