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2005 Cts-V
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My wife's 2005 CTS-V started having an intermittent issue with the service steering coming on. Since it got cold it is now on all the time. We pulled some codes on it and got the following:

p1626-theft deterrent signal not received
c0281-brake switch circuit
c0550-ucu malfunction internal checksum malfunction
u1301-class 2 short to battery
b1327-vehicle system voltage below 9.0 volts
u1016-loss of communication with pcm or vcm
b1825-driver lumbar sensor circuit malfunction
b1850-driver horizantal sensor malfunction

Upon taking it to the dealership as I had no clue where to start with these random codes. They claim this is all due to a bad EBTC. In addition to this we also noticed the brake lights were not functioning. I have seen one thread reference a ground wire near the fuse box in the front right that can go bad or get cut. Not sure how to find this wire or which of the wires coming out it may be. Any thoughts?
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