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Back from the track!

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Hey Guys, I gotta say I had a blast at the Pocono raceway. Last friday. AZ and I were there. I think he will agree, it was serious fun. He has a bone stock Silver V. I had the Black V with a Tune, 160 and air box mod. I tell ya, What a day. What a car. I mean i was totally impressed with the power and handling of these cars. I surprised my self. I even have 1.17 on the G meter to show for it and no spin outs.:thumbsup: and on the Pilot 2s. I got a link to some pictures on line if you guys want to see them. you will see i am the first car in the pictures. Just Awesome! lots of Z06s, GT3 Porshes. Roush mustangs (walked those guys). Next hooked on Driving Event is in Jersey. A Two day event. Gotta run but lets get out there guys. It will be the most fun you will have with your car. Later
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It sure was fun. I can't wait to do it again.

If you don't want to sort through pages of pictures, here are few I took.

My coach in his race prepped GT3. That was an absolute blast.



1-2-N-V and my coach.
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Awesome!! Glad you had a good time!! How much of your tires did you have left?

Yes it was awesome. Thanks AZ for your Pics of my ride XSV1. i only took a couple of yours I think in the garages. I have to up load them. I will try to do in the next day or so. Great Pics. I m going to get the CD i think. I was wondering if the CD has all the pictures or does it come with just your car. I will have to call . See you all next time
I don't know how to make the large Pics like Mat (AZ) did but here are a few of my own. Got to take some from the winners circle, Just awesome. I also threw in some from the Monticello Motor Club Cadillac Experience day Back in November. That was a cool day also.


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Cool pics. Here's a short video from the day. Just one lap around.

Great video! What's up with the sound though?

Nice job driving, BTW. What was the top speed you were hitting on that back stretch? Looks like at least 130 mph.

^^ X2 - kind of wierd that this car is so quiet while going so fast. Has to be stock, or near stock exhaust is my guess. That's why I opted for W4M's cat to OEM muffler exhaust option - just a bit more sound while freeing up most of the restrictions.

Great video - thanks for sharing!

Nothing clears my head like a good run at a track. Looked like a great time with some pretty cool cars (and people too, I'm sure).

The picture of you with the V2 at the start/finish line is awesome. get the sucker blown-up and framed!
Nice vid. That car is made for the track. Next time throw a few friends in the back and turn on a DVD. Hard for the Porches and Zo6's to do that. How did you hang with them. A lot of time its a drivers game in HPDE 1 and 2.
Real nice.

Unless your insured.... Track forum:shhh:
Plate #'s bad.
Nice Run AZ. That back stretch you can really tell youre moving with the trees passing. Yeah about 130 was my best run down also. coulda got a buck40 but hey that turn comes up quick and well... i did have to drive my car to work on Monday. These cars are fast man. Even my instructor with the Z06 loved it, he wants one for his wife. Cool video. I wanted to bring my little flip video but could not find it. I will buy a good one and mount it next time. I guess with the windows open makes too much wind noise to hear well. Great day it was!
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