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I would still keep my caddy of course,but am looking at 1990 BMW 735il.with
a 3.5 liter engine,it's super clean,120,000 miles lots of recent work, does anyone have any opinions on these cars? very plush interior and super comfortable. he wants $3000.00 for it. appreciate any comments.
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Not bad cars at all. The engines simply do not ever wear out with proper care. Ever.

Trannies are hit or miss, my Uncle's 88 735iL is outside my shop at the moment needing a trans.. but the original lasted until 268k.

Watch for electrical gremlins and suspension wear, particularly upper control arm bushings. They can be shot and still look OK. Replace with 750 bushings..etc.
Hehe I used to have a 735, great car, I really liked it, 155kw wasnt very fast, but it was enough and the car felt really soft. Before I sold it I had problems with the left front window, alarm and sunroof, but those probably wouldnt have been very tough problems to solve out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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