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B&M shifter on ebay

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Listen I have done the research. B&M is not making anymore. II spoke with them directly. Atlantic speed has paid them to make 100 and will not be done till sometime in July. There was just one listed on ebay. This might be a good deal for someone. Here is the link.

Go get it!

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I have mine comming in like two weeks. I plan on taking and spraying it with dynamat (yes dynamat makes a spray) and they giving it one layer of the matt. A little of the heat gun and it will work great and have no noise!
I don't think that Im going to do a before and after test. I am going to have my mechanic install for me. My driveway is a incline and no chance for ramps. So I an going just spray the $hit out of it before he puts it in and hope. But I think that is going to work best. I know when i used to install car stereos the spray was the best. It is the most plyable. But I will keep you all posted.


Oh Tim I got the other wheel sold. Did you ever fit the tire in?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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