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Recently my Air Conditioning quit blowing cold, luckily it was right at the end of summer! Now, within a week or so of the A/C quitting, there is an awful noise coming from the engine compartment when the car is running. It doesn't seem to change much if at all when the engine is revved, and doesn't sound like any kind of valve, rod or any other internal engine sound. Could this be the A/C pump? Or any other ideas?

My second problem is short somewhere, I think from the sunroof. Some jokers pryed the glass up to try to break into the car, now my glass is stuck in the up position. I think this is what is draining the battery, as the roof tries to close when I shut off the car, and the battery drain problem seemed to come not long after the "pry job" happened. Which fuse is the sunroof on? I don't see it ANYWHERE in the manual or on the fuseblocks. I want to pull the fuse to see if the drain stops. Also, any ideas on how to get the glass "unstuck"? It seems like it is just "off track" like it would work if put back in line.

Any help is greatly aprreciated, before I have to take the car in!!!
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