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2000 Escalade, 2004 Deville DTS
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2000 Escalade Transfer Case - Crap Dealer

My 2000 Escalade is again at a dealer, this time, a good one.

Last June my truck developed a pretty serious vibration and seep at the transfer case. Now I know the dealer here - Bender Cadillac, Clovis NM - screws people whenever they get the chance, and most of their "mechanics" are to stupid to change oil without damaging something [proven, they got sued and lost three cases]. However, my old technician was a genius with Cadillacs and that's where he landed for a while. Anyway, he found the problems and said it needed the transfer case rebuilt, and that the best man for the job was a guy he worked with. Well, I agreed to let him do the work.

Now my wife is in Tucson with serious leaks a mere 4,000 miles later. I told he to take the truck to Don Mackey Cadillac. I've had service on my Eldorado there and know how good they are. They checked the truck out this morning and found not only the transfer case work that was done was cobbled up, but now it also has an intake manifold leak. They say it will be done late tomorrow and gave her a new DTS to drive while they worked on it. I spoke with "Gene" there and he is taking great care of my wife and the truck. What a pleasure it is to deal with an honest - competent dealer again.

Only real problem now is, I've been considering trading in my DeVille on the new DTS Lux-O-Boat. The one they gave her is a base model but she really likes it. I'm going out to Tucson for the holidays. Might be coming home in a new car......:crying2:

Moral at this point - Avoid Bender Cadillac in Clovis, NM - take your business to Don Mackey Cadillac, Tucson, AZ if you can.
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