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Automatic Highbeams!!!!

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hey people I cant seem to figure out how to turn off the automatic highbeams. When ever there is no cars around it automaticly turns the highbeams on and when a car comes it turns off. This drives me insane when it is foggy outside and i cant see infront of me cuz the highbeams are on. I drive a 05' STS.. Thanks
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Thank you Blinkity Bear.

Here is what you are looking for when you do RTFM:
Intellibeam Intelligent High-Beam
Headlamp Control System
If your vehicle has this feature, be sure to read this
entire section before using it.
Intellibeam is an enhancement to your vehicle’s
headlamp system. Using a digital light sensor on your
rearview mirror, this system will turn the vehicle’s
high-beam headlamps on and off according to
surrounding traffic conditions. This feature will help
improve forward visibility during nighttime driving
by initiating high-beam usage as ambient lighting, as
traffic conditions allow.
The Intellibeam system will turn your high-beam
headlamps on when it is dark enough, there is no other
traffic present, and the Intellibeam system is enabled.
Enabling Intellibeam
To enable the Intellibeam System, turn the exterior lamp
control to AUTO, with the turn signal/multifunction
lever in its neutral position. The High-Beam On Light will
appear on the instrument panel cluster when the
high-beams are on. See Highbeam On Light on
page 3-68.
Driving with Intellibeam
Intellibeam will only activate your high-beams when
driving over 10 mph (16 km/h).
The high-beam headlamps will remain on until any of
the following situations occur:
• The system detects an approaching
vehicle’s headlamps.
• The system detects a preceding vehicle’s taillamps.
• The outside light is bright enough that high-beam
headlamps are not required.
• The high-beam headlamps are manually turned on
or you use the flash-to-pass feature. See Headlamp
High/Low-Beam Changer on page 3-9 and
Flash-to-Pass on page 3-13.
When either of these conditions occur, the
Intellibeam feature will be disabled until the
high-beam stalk is returned to the neutral position.
• The exterior lamp control is turned to any setting
except AUTO.
When this occurs, Intellibeam will be disabled until
the control is turned back to the AUTO position.
• The Intellibeam system is indefinitely disabled at
the rearview mirror.
• The vehicle’s speed drops below 5 mph (8 km/h).
Intellibeam may not turn off the high-beams if the
system cannot detect other vehicle’s lamps because of
any of the following:
• The others vehicle’s lamp(s) are missing, damaged,
obstructed from view or otherwise undetected.
• The other vehicle’s lamp(s) are covered with dirt,
snow and/or road spray.
• The other vehicle’s lamp(s) cannot be detected due
to dense exhaust, smoke, fog, snow, road spray,
mist or other airborne obstructions.
• Your vehicle’s windshield is dirty, cracked or
obstructed by something that blocks the view of the
Intellibeam light sensor.
• Your vehicle’s windshield is covered with ice, dirt,
haze or other obstructions.
• Your vehicle is loaded such that the front end of
the vehicle points upward, causing the Intellibeam
sensor to aim high and not detect headlamps
and taillamps.
• You are driving on winding or hilly roads.
You may need to manually disable or cancel
the high-beam headlamps if any of the above
conditions exist.
Disabling and Resetting Intellibeam at the
Rearview Mirror
Intellibeam can be disabled and reset to the original
factory setting by using the controls on the face of the
rearview mirror.
Use the rearview mirror to disable this feature
completely for an extended period of time and then
to reset it.
O(On/Off): To disable the system, press and hold
this button on the rearview mirror for about 20 seconds
and release it after the green LED status indicator
on the left side of the rearview mirror flashes two times.
This indicates that Intellibeam has been turned off
and will not come back on until the system has
been reset.
To reset the system, press and hold this button on the
rearview mirror for about 20 seconds and release it
after the green LED status indicator on the left side of
the rearview mirror flashes one time. This indicates that
Intellibeam has been reset.

Happy Trails.
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Or, instead of disabling the Intellibeam, just turn off the automatic headlights when it's foggy, or you're in town, etc.
Between the terse and the verbose, there lies the helpful:

Press the little button on the left side of the mirror to turn off this feature. The little light goes out.

Have Fun!
haha that was the best answer i got .. thanks
Intellibeam sucks. It doesn't turn the high beams off quick enough. I get flashed by the oncoming motorist every time I try to use it.
We have two STS's both with Intellibeam, and it works perfectly on both of our cars. The only time it "fails" is when a big rig is coming over a hill. I can see the lights on the cab top, and I know the driver can see me because he is sitting very high, but his headlights are low so they haven't crested the hills yet. Intellibeam doesn't see the headlights, so it doesn't dim soon enough.

In that case, I dim my lights manually by turning off Intellibeam so as not to blind the trucker. Other than that, I really love this feature and it works nearly flawlessly in most other conditions.
I like it!

But it's sensitive enough to 'see' the reflection of my radar detector display (even on dim)! I relocated it a bit higher & now I like it that way!

I've yet to react significantly faster than the system. But I've only had the car about a 100 days.

dhemrick - Do you flick on the fog's or what? I haven't figured out the quickest 'break'.
The intellibeam actually uses a small camera to detect the oncoming lights. Mine was slow to respond until I cleaned the camera lens and the windshield. That made a significant improvement on the response.
Stupid question....How do you know if you have this feature?
My 2006 has the camera in a housing (3 inch cube?) located in front of the mirror. Later models may have the camera incorporated into the mirror. Even my mirror has an indicator light (left-most) and a high-beam-picture button just to the right.


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