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Automatic Day/Night Mirror problems on 85 Eldo

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Rearview mirror mount just broke off windshield on 85 Eldo

When it rains it pours… hit a pothole last night and the rearview mirror just broke off. Hanging by wires, metal mount that adheres directly to the glass is separated. Fisher body manual says use GM part #1052369 or Loctite 312 two-component pack or equivalent. Fisher has the procedure.

Can't find the Loctite kit locally. Do I need to order that exact kit (primer and bonder):

I can't even find it on the Loctite website. Or is there a more common alternative that'll work just as well? Thanks a lot.


p.s. I did do a quick search of the forum, but didn't find an answer to my question. Links to other threads would be very welcome.
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Any rear view mirror adhesive kit from the parts store will do. Follow instructions and prep well.

But FWIW, Pep Boys should carry the Loctite one. If not near the mirrors/replacement glass, then near the other Loctite/sealant products.
Re: Rearview mirror mount just broke off windshield on 85 Eldo

Yeah, any repair kit will work, and they work pretty well.
Re: Rearview mirror mount just broke off windshield on 85 Eldo

I got a cheap $4 mini kit by Permatex from the hardware store. Working great so far. If someone else has to deal with this, I put two drops of adhesive on the small metal mounting plate instead of the one drop recommended by the instructions. 2 drops was too much; had to clean it up when some ran down. Next time I'll do one drop.
Hi guys,
Now that I've glued my rearview mirror back on, I remembered the "Automatic Day/Night mirror" function stopped working. I've had it switched off, but I'd like it to work.

When I switch it on, the green "distance" light (LED?) and the light that illuminates the dial (for the Near to Far setting) only light up sometimes, and when they do light up, they often go off in a few seconds. The "Off" to "Auto" switch seems screwy, like there's a tiny sweet spot I need to hit to make it power on. Normally I'd detach it and open it up for a look, but I don't see any detachable wiring harness. Fisher manual says there's a harness "supplied in the kit", but all I see is the wires disappearing inside the mirror. Fisher says nothing about actually disassembling the mirror to install/remove. Can't find a diagram for disassembling the mirror in the manuals or online.

Any tips? If I open it up by unscrewing the several screws, will there be a detachable wiring harness?
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