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Auto leveling on 1990 deville

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Forgive me if I am asking a past question but I could not find this on previous ones asked. I recently became a proud owner of a 1990 Cadillac Deville that belong to my dad. He purchased this beauty brand new and it has been in our family ever since.

Anyway a week ago I under took the task of replacing the Shocks and Struts but have come across an issue I am a little stumped on. When I pulled the front struts I opened up Pandora's box in which the more I looked the more stuff I found that needed repair. Pretty much I had to replace the Struts, ball joints, Tie Rod ends, Brank pads, Calipers, and rotors for both sides. Hmmm that was a joy but after all was said and done I now have all new parts in front. Then I tackled the rear which had an air assist shock. My issue is that after replacing the shocks my car is not level. One side seems to be higher then the other and I do not know why. Is there a step I missed or a switch I needed to flick to level the car? Also when I took it for a test drive I heard a thump like the tires were wobbly or some which I am blaming the new stuff I install and figure it will be corrected once I do an allignement. Does anyone have any input on that as well?

Once again sorry if I am repeating an old question but have some question I can not find answers to.:confused:
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