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Auto Cooled Seats

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Well, it's been getting pretty hot out here in Cali. 106 degrees last week! I have noticed that when I remote start my vehicle, the cooled seats do not come on. I have checked the settings to make sure they are turned on for auto start & they are on. I have also tried turning them off & then on again in the settings but they still do not activate. They come on fine when I turn them on manually but do not activate during remote start. Anyone else have this problem?


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I can confirm that the 18 models do have auto-heated steering wheel. I haven't had much of a chance to use that since I got my car 3/30/19, but it has worked the few times that I've done it. I cannot remember whether the indicator on the steering wheel lights up when it's on during remote start, though.

The auto-heated/cooled seats also exist on the 18 models, and I've seen the indicators light up during remote start (although my owner manual says they "may not" come on during this operation).

What caught my eye (as to the indicators during remote start) was that my DTS had auto-heated (but not auto-cooled) seats ... and the indicators (in the door panels) would light up accordingly. Whether there was a passenger the last time the car was started would make a difference whether the passenger seat would auto-heat during remote start. I've see my car do both driver and passenger seats during remote start, even though most of the time, it's only me in the car. Once I turn on the car, the indicators would go out and the driver side would then come back on (if I'm alone in the car) if the HVAC system called for it (I have it set for auto-heat/cool as part of the climate control system, and as part of remote start process).
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No problem, Max ... glad I could help.

It sounds like your 16 and my 18 may operate a little different.

On my 18, my auto-heated/cooled seats are operational during the remote start operation ... AND ... after I start the car. I have my Climate Control system set to automatically turn on the heated seat/steering wheel or the ventilated seats; depending upon the ambient temp in the car. Therefore, if it's a hot day and the auto-cooled seats are on during remote start, they will come back on automatically once I start the car. Over time, they will lower and turn off, as the ambient temp in the car cools. Same thing with the heated seats/steering wheel on cold days ...

My 08 DTS did not do that. It had 4-level (high/med/low/off) heated/cooled front seats. The heated seat would come on during remote start, but immediately turn off once I started the car with the key. If I wanted the heated seat after starting the car, I'd have to turn it back on. The cooled (ventilated) seat would not function as part of the remote start feature ... nor would the heated steering wheel. Also, when you turned on the heated/cooled seat, it would stay on at whichever level you put it at until you turned off the car or changed the setting ... it would not automatically adjust.

From what I'm hearing, it sounds like your 16 functions similar to my DTS in that it will activate the heated/cooled seats during remote start, but turn them off upon starting the vehicle.

I am not familiar with the 16 models, but perhaps there is a setting in the climate control settings that will automatically activate your heated/cooled seats as needed as part of the climate control system ... which should result in your heated/cooled seats staying activated after starting your car.

Might be something to look into ... if you haven't already.


Oh, and I checked yesterday and my indicator lights did not turn on during the remote start ... all lights are off. When I get in the car, the various steering wheel and center stack lights illuminate, but I did not notice the cooled seat lights on until I started the car. I would have sworn they were on beforehand, but apparently not ... sorry about that bit.
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In my car, I don't have a setting to keep the seats heated/cooled after starting. It's just part of the auto-heat/cool feature.

In my car, as I'm driving around, if it is hot or cold outside ... and if the climate control is set to automatic ... the auto-heated/cooled seats will turn on (to one of the three levels) or off as needed.

I believe that it is that same setting that determines whether to activate the seats during remote-start ... and ... to keep them activated after start-up. If the interior temp is near the desired temp, then the auto heated/cooled seats won't activate (during remote-start, after starting the car or as you're driving around). If the difference is great enough, the seats will activate during remote-start and will be on after start up ... then reduce in intensity as the ambient temp inside is nearing the desired temp.

As for the adaptive cruise control ... my XTS doesn't have that ... but the loaner I currently have (an XT5) does. I've driven several loaners since I bought my car (it's in the shop for the sixth time, I believe). They've all been XT4 or XT5 models ... and usually the Platinum trim levels. They've all had the adaptive cruise control. That's a lot of trust to put into the car. :) I've used it a lot and I'm still not completely comfortable with it. It's cool, though.

I noticed that the Info Center said that I can change it to a regular cruise control by pushing a button. I can see why some people would do this, but I've just used the ACC, instead. When in Rome ...
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