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Audio-Related Question :: Trunk Changer Disconnect?

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I would like to tear the factory disc changer (in the trunk) out of my Seville to make room for my train horn's air compressor and tank :)bouncy:). Can I just unplug the wires and connectors and be done, or is there something else I have to do to prevent system errors, etc.? This may be a question for CadillacSTS2003. Thanks!
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I don't know. Either put it in my pile of OEM pieces or sell it. Do you need one?
Ah... just noticed you live in MO! I have relatives in KC and I live in Jefferson City.

What are you going to do with your changer when you disconnect it? :bouncy:
These things are high on eBay:
That's a rip-off IMO. I would settle for like $75.00 if you want it and if it's worth it to you. Let me know.
If we can find more Cadillac owners in KC then we could have our meets in a central location. We have a lot of STL members and fewer elsewhere, causing us to have to drive to STL. It's all worth it though! Hell... we could even have our own website! I own and I can turn it onto whatever.
Yea, if it will work in my 98 I would love to have it. Yea, I was looking for KC members and not finding much LOL. I guess I can't say there is a lack of Cadillacs in KC lol. Guess I haven't been here long enough to go to a St. Louis meet.
Does your '98 have the wires for it in the trunk, or is yours the single disc in the dash? I don't know if it'll work on the single disc units, but I know someone who would know: CadillacSTS2003.
It has the wires for it in the center console. I cant remember the connector colors off the top of my head.
Oh and with the cd changer, I beleive that all you have to do is unplug it.. It should realize that it is gone.. but, again that may not be true :-D
I'll see what I can dig outta there. I'll PM you or something as soon as I get it. The train horn comes in tomorrow and I'll prob. dig the changer out tonight.
If things don't work out with hyperboimmv, I too am intereated in your CD changer for my '97 Seville STS.
Cool! I'll let you know sometime tomorrow. You can see the pictures here:
It's yours, Wachuku! Do you have an email address?
The package weighs 10 LBS. If you want it, please let me know if you would like it shipped via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL. I can get you a shipping quote. I'll sell the changer for $70, plus shipping.

If things don't work out with hyperboimmv, I too am intereated in your CD changer for my '97 Seville STS.
Edit: because it won't work on the 98+ years. Anything 92-97, it will fit.
lbwd thanks for your response.

I did some looking, and although $70.00 seems like a reasonable price, it's too much for me, because I have a working changer. I found out those changers are several hundreds new from dealers, and even aftermarket replacements are ~$200. But since the changer in my car works, I'm only interested in a second changer for a backup. I was thinking you were going to throw it away or something. Maybe you could put it on ebay. I wouldn't want to go over $30-40 shipping included.

Thanks again though for providing the offer.
No problem. Thanks for your interest in it! :)
I wished I could find a changer for my car before my roadtrip... but I don't want to pay over 70... *Sighs*
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