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I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX
V8 AWD. I am in the process of
seeking to add additional audio
functions to the vehicle, particularly
an IPOD & satellite radio. My
vehicle contains an auxiliary input,
located on the Rear Seat Entertainment
(RSE). This auxiliary input
consists of an RCA jack, and with
relative ease this can be modified
to both an IPOD and Satellite
hook up. However, the problem comes when
you play either the DVD or auxiliary audio source
through the car's speakers; the
volume of the music is
considerably diminished as
compared to the radio or DVD
functions. The
volume function for the cars
speakers works with this input, but
it does not get nearly as loud as
the radio or CD function, even
when at maximum volume.
In my amateur opinion, it appears
that the signal from the RSE is not
being amplified, as the radio and
DVD signal are. If this is the case,
is this supposed to be wired this way? Is possible that there is a faulty capicitor or fuse?
The dealer seems to be out of his
league on this issue. The entire
vehicle is still under the bumper-to-
bumper warranty, and the RSE was
factory installed. If this issue
cannot be fixed, is there another
option available for adding another
auxiliary input to the stereo
system? The vehicle has a 6 disk CD radio, RSE, and no
navigation system. I have already
gone through considerable
expense in purchasing a satellite
system and large capacity IPOD
that I should be able to use. However
in the current situation, the
limitation on the available volume
makes the entire project not
viable, as you can't really crank anything, max volume appears to be about a 4 (out of 10 on radio & cd volume)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.:confused:
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